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Flowtown created an infographic on what Highschool clique would a social meida platform represent. Brings back memories on how I was voted most likely to join the circus in the High School news paper.

See the full post Flowtown here.

Social Media Infographic

Ever think that a movie clip totally sums up what you are thinking? Wish you could “quote” a movie clip with a tweet or facebook post?
I was wondering what would need to get set up legally to do such a post. I’m sure ripping a movie clip and posting directly to my blog is a big no no. I’ve been thinking that a web service should exist to bridge the gap with the studios. Monetizing should not be a problem with affiliate links to buy or rent movies onDemand.

Well read my mind. Complete with the ability to trim a clip to the exact spot you want.

They have a lot of legal requirements they need to adhere too such as clips are a maximum of 2:15 long and no corporate logos. Also many of the movies I was looking to quote are not in their database yet (i’m looking at you Mr. Incredible.)

Here’s to great inventors.

Free Flavor Friday

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Paul Carr and Gary Vee debate whether Social Media is over-rated. They present some great points for both sides of the argument.

I agree that not everybody who gets on their soap box will have something of extreme value to offer. Yet, the 1% that would never have been heard may be worth the chatter.

Let’s hope that tools help us filter out enough of the noise to hone in on the valuable signal.

HT: TechCrunch

Cal Newport wrote a great post over at the 99percent, “Getting Creative Things Done: How To Fit Hard Thinking Into a Busy Schedule”

Like Cal, I need to balance between getting things done (emails, meetings, eating, etc) and creative brainstorming. He calls us “to-do list creatives”.

To bad “most to-do list creatives cannot drop everything to spend days lost in monk-like focus.” The next best thing is to be proactive and reserve a few blocks of dedicated time through out the week.

Here’s a high level look at Cal’s GCTD system.

  • At the beginning of each week, decide on the one (or, at most, two) big creative projects that will receive your attention over the next five days.
  • Block out time for these projects on your calendar.
  • Set rules for your creative blocks.
  • Focus on process, not goals.

It is a great post. Go and read the full article here.

When is it too early to start training?

I’m a big fan of having active kids. I’d rather have my kids making a ruckus in the house over watching T.V. Where is the line between advocacy and being a pusher?

Read the NY Times article here

It’s snowing outside in chilly Detroit for the first time this year as we kick off December and head into the Christmas (& more holidays) season. Another thing that mark’s the coming of Christmas is 24 ways.

24 ways is the advent calendar for web geeks. Each day throughout December we publish a daily dose of web design and development goodness to bring you all a little Christmas cheer.

Check out daily for new tips and techniques.

4th Amendment Wear

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These underwear definitely make a statement. I wonder how legible they will be during a scan and how TSA agents will react.

Great quick idea to new tech.

Fried Eggrolls by Burnt Fat, on Flickr

This week America celebrates the Thanksgiving holiday.

How focused will you be on giving thanks on Thursday? An article from Mashable states that 50% of Americans admit to checking their work email on vacation days. Sadly, I’m one of those 50%. My excuse is that the internets are on 24 /7 so, I do need to make occasional corrections to the web sites that I manage.

I’m shooting to spend the day off the grid and urge you to do the same (unless it will get you fired). Let’s see if the world will end if we take a break from the grid.

Leave a comment if you plan to take a day off and leave the crackberry, iphone, or android off.

Courageous Church of Atlanta has a great creative use of Google Places Coupons. A coupon for free breakfast. For anyone who knows me, the fastest way to get me to show up to an event is to feed me. Check out the coupon here.

Courageous Church Google Coupon

I ran accross this after following Shaun King‘s  tweet for people to write a Google Places review for the church (another great use of crowd sourcing your advocates).