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Cal Newport wrote a great post over at the 99percent, “Getting Creative Things Done: How To Fit Hard Thinking Into a Busy Schedule”

Like Cal, I need to balance between getting things done (emails, meetings, eating, etc) and creative brainstorming. He calls us “to-do list creatives”.

To bad “most to-do list creatives cannot drop everything to spend days lost in monk-like focus.” The next best thing is to be proactive and reserve a few blocks of dedicated time through out the week.

Here’s a high level look at Cal’s GCTD system.

  • At the beginning of each week, decide on the one (or, at most, two) big creative projects that will receive your attention over the next five days.
  • Block out time for these projects on your calendar.
  • Set rules for your creative blocks.
  • Focus on process, not goals.

It is a great post. Go and read the full article here.

Think interviews Carlos Whittaker ( at Calibrate Conference 2010. Carlos shares on work life balance, creativity and reaching people where they are at – walking around with their phone in their face.
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