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It is amazing how our mind creates a perception that the things we do not have or experiences have yet to encounter are better. New technology and especially those in the Apple Reality Distortion Field demonstrates this principle so well.

I am also guilty myself of lusting after the newest and greatest phone, tablet or Mac Book Pro while knowing that next’s week new gadget will invoke the same endless lust cycle.

The parody video below illustrates this principle by asking people how the “new” iPhone 5 compares to their existing phone. The participants exclaimed how much faster and better the “new” phone felt even though the test phone was actually the same device as their “old” iPhone 4s.

Adobe continues to bring it on for the iPad despite Apple’s stance on no Flash player for iOS. Adobe demoed their in progress iPad Photoshop app during the Photoshop World keynote. Lots of features including layers and real photo editing.

Last month I attended a demo by Terry White of Adobe’s upcoming Digital Editions platform that delivers interactive publications to iOS devices.

Adobe is slowly taking away my hesitations of using a tablet as my carry around device. All they need is Coda for iPad and I’d be sold.

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For your motion graphics asset needs, Video Hive and Audio Jungle are joining the bundle craze and have the Cinematic Bundle for $39 until 3/11/11. $500 worth of high quality video and audio assets for motion graphics and video.

Pick it up here.

Flowtown created an infographic on what Highschool clique would a social meida platform represent. Brings back memories on how I was voted most likely to join the circus in the High School news paper.

See the full post Flowtown here.

Social Media Infographic

Ever think that a movie clip totally sums up what you are thinking? Wish you could “quote” a movie clip with a tweet or facebook post?
I was wondering what would need to get set up legally to do such a post. I’m sure ripping a movie clip and posting directly to my blog is a big no no. I’ve been thinking that a web service should exist to bridge the gap with the studios. Monetizing should not be a problem with affiliate links to buy or rent movies onDemand.

Well read my mind. Complete with the ability to trim a clip to the exact spot you want.

They have a lot of legal requirements they need to adhere too such as clips are a maximum of 2:15 long and no corporate logos. Also many of the movies I was looking to quote are not in their database yet (i’m looking at you Mr. Incredible.)

Here’s to great inventors.

Paul Carr and Gary Vee debate whether Social Media is over-rated. They present some great points for both sides of the argument.

I agree that not everybody who gets on their soap box will have something of extreme value to offer. Yet, the 1% that would never have been heard may be worth the chatter.

Let’s hope that tools help us filter out enough of the noise to hone in on the valuable signal.

HT: TechCrunch

4th Amendment Wear

philltran  —  November 29, 2010 — Leave a comment

These underwear definitely make a statement. I wonder how legible they will be during a scan and how TSA agents will react.

Great quick idea to new tech.

On 11/15/2010, facebook announced their new modern messaging system including the “Social Inbox”. Mark Zuckerberg responded to claims that facebook is launching a “gmail-killer” with “I think Gmail is a really good product”. Techcrunch paraphrases Zuckerberg:

He noted that email is too cumbersome. There’s a subject field, a formal greeting, a closing. Teens are using SMS and IM because it’s much simpler.

While I’m an avid tweet-er, this shift in communication scares me. As Zuckerberg embraces a future that he extrapolates to thrive on informal communication, I mourn the loss of complete sentences. Gone will be the days of full thoughts as sentence fragments and 140 bleeps  champion conversations.

Informal conversations helps some let our guard done and speak freely. On the other hand, the inability to hold a thought and expound upon it in long run-on sentences as I do may hinder  the growth of truly original thought, ideas and innovation.

Call me an old foggie. My vote is to keep the greetings and closings on communication.