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It is amazing how our mind creates a perception that the things we do not have or experiences have yet to encounter are better. New technology and especially those in the Apple Reality Distortion Field demonstrates this principle so well.

I am also guilty myself of lusting after the newest and greatest phone, tablet or Mac Book Pro while knowing that next’s week new gadget will invoke the same endless lust cycle.

The parody video below illustrates this principle by asking people how the “new” iPhone 5 compares to their existing phone. The participants exclaimed how much faster and better the “new” phone felt even though the test phone was actually the same device as their “old” iPhone 4s.

I Deserve a Raise

ptadmin  —  July 10, 2011 — 1 Comment

Do you deserve a raise because you feel like you work harder than everyone else? Do you work harder because you:

  • Work Longer
  • Work Smarter
  • Work First: Sacrifice your personal time / family for work

While you may DESERVE a raise, that attitude is holding you back. Instead of seeking direct compensation for your art, concentrate on delivering your best art while adding value to your organization.

Do the work to the best of your ability because you were crafted to do it. Live up to your potential.

If you are not at a place that allows you to practice your art then it may time for a change. In the meantime being better than your pay scale will speak volumes to your future leader.

I am not condoning management short changing their talent or meekly pouring yourself into your craft without proper compensation. Being your best will get noticed.

Amazing motion graphics, scary data and a british accent prove that informative videos can be interesting.

I wonder if the old reel to reel mono educational films we watched in grade school were considered innovative in their day.

Now this is an Ad

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Besides making great products for this fanboy, Apple knows how to market.

This advert beautifully focuses on the experiences that this device delivers. As Seth Godin emphasizes, we do not want to race to the bottom, to be average at the best price; we need to be remarkable.

“Now we can…” illustrates the remarkable aspects of the product. Apple focuses on experience over technical specs, price comparison or even mud slinging the other tablets.

Heck the product name is barely on screen two seconds. Bravo Apple.

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AND Conference Media Player

Granger Community Church hosted the AND Conference this fall. Generously, GCCWired offers the videos of the main sessions for free viewing. See them here.

The conversation focused on “the Genius of AND – the power to combine missional AND attractional strategies to reach our changing world. 

They wrestled with the question: “What would it look like if established churches used their strength and size to release missional communities AND virus-like growth?”

Arts Mash Up

My favorite part of this conference is the Arts Mash Up. GCC gives several ministries of difference sizes the same message to present. It is amazing to see the different productions revolving around the same theme.

The quality of the presentations are amazing especially from the “smaller” churches. Resources go deeper than money & equipment. No matter the size of your church, you can produce compelling media.

Here are some notes from the web on the conference:

  • Kem Meyer’s notes on her breakout session, “Increasing Chaos With Less Clutter?”. Get them here.

Today our band of brothers embark on a journey sure to transform our lives during the next 90 days.

It started with Brion (@brionriborn) telling Steve to “Read his Bible!” followed by a retort of “Read YOUR Bible!”. I overheard these fellows discussing their plans to read through the entire Bible in six months. I upped their game by challenging them to the B90X plan from Steven Furtick (@stevenfurtick).

I look forward to a hard road with many obstacles & excuses, but relying on each other and God to pull us through. Besides the enormous knowledge, understanding and life change that will result from experiencing the whole context of the text at once, we will grow closer together.

So I’m off to finish the last 5 chapters of todays reading.