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Silly tasking

philltran  —  July 1, 2011 — Leave a comment

Multitasking sounds better on paper than it does in practice.

My natural tendency is to run after the ideas and tasks that pop into my head. Perpetual switching gears waste time and momentum during the transition.

Focusing on one thing at a time may sound old school. but it works.

Who’s on top?

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You have to laugh at the Microsoft illustration. But, is that how we operate? Are we afraid of someone at the office “one upping us” or breaking our project? Or is the legal department so heavy that it blocks innovation?

My vote is for a spiderweb organizational chart with a clear leader and room for all to take the lead in their initiatives

Image via Bonkers World

Do Not Reply

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Should organizations send their email marketing from a do not reply email address? In a world where companies beg people to follow their tweets or like their profiles, is it fair to send a one way message? Listen to me and don’t talk back.

Social media has antiquated the “do not reply email”. The new mantra is transparency and accessibility.

True, automatic replies and “out of office” notices fly back in a flurry from every email campaign I send. Yet,it is easy enough to configure my email client to filter said messages to a holding pen so I can connect with my audience through the same channel.

What do you think

Do you send your email marketing through a do not reply address?

An Easter Timeline

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Igniter Media offers this well done video of Jesus’ ministry as a twitter timeline. While this idea has been done before, this video’s simplicity makes it shine.

What are you warming up for?

Super cool stuff?

Or sleeping?

Seth Godin says that “Real artist ship” (Linchpin). It’s so easy to get into warm up mode and teeter on the edge of creating super cool stuff. Taking the plunge is difficult. It is scary.

Some say it is the fear of failure that holds us up. Some say it’s the fear of success (you have to live up to the expectations and maintain it). Seth Godin states that it could be the fear of criticism (Tribes). He further explains that to be criticized you need to be worthy of remarking on. You have to be remarkable. Better to be noticed, to be criticized than never noticed.

So get out of your pajamas and be noticed.

Adobe continues to bring it on for the iPad despite Apple’s stance on no Flash player for iOS. Adobe demoed their in progress iPad Photoshop app during the Photoshop World keynote. Lots of features including layers and real photo editing.

Last month I attended a demo by Terry White of Adobe’s upcoming Digital Editions platform that delivers interactive publications to iOS devices.

Adobe is slowly taking away my hesitations of using a tablet as my carry around device. All they need is Coda for iPad and I’d be sold.

via Photography Bay

Aside from my literal obsession with good food, how true is this clip about western surbanan living.

We are breed to consume. A friend commented on the new mobile phone he was about to purchase, but the carrier released a new phone that he wanted to test out. The new and shiny are being produced faster then we can buy.

On the flip side, we live in a world (and in my case city) where so many are in need of the basics in life. It would be great mash up if we could combine the thrill of purchasing something new with the good of giving it to someone else. Perhaps an amazon where the ship to address is never yours.

Interesting. More work does not equate to more pay. I’m learning to work smarter by being more selective of my projects and not just working harder or even more. Less can definitely be more.

via FreshBooks

Love Wins

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Trying not to judge a book by it’s blogtroversy. I ordered up the kindle edition of Love Wins by Rob Bell. I hope to finish it soon and join the millions of others in conversation.

Love it or hate, this book is doing good by getting people thinking and talking.

Download the kindle version here.

For your motion graphics asset needs, Video Hive and Audio Jungle are joining the bundle craze and have the Cinematic Bundle for $39 until 3/11/11. $500 worth of high quality video and audio assets for motion graphics and video.

Pick it up here.