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It’s great to see a corporate ad team pull off a great video based off successful online video memes . Far too often the corporate agency “dosn’t get it” and trys to hard to hit an idea that joe average discovered.

This video reminds me of an Improv Anywhere video.

Horay for T-Mobile.

On 11/15/2010, facebook announced their new modern messaging system including the “Social Inbox”. Mark Zuckerberg responded to claims that facebook is launching a “gmail-killer” with “I think Gmail is a really good product”. Techcrunch paraphrases Zuckerberg:

He noted that email is too cumbersome. There’s a subject field, a formal greeting, a closing. Teens are using SMS and IM because it’s much simpler.

While I’m an avid tweet-er, this shift in communication scares me. As Zuckerberg embraces a future that he extrapolates to thrive on informal communication, I mourn the loss of complete sentences. Gone will be the days of full thoughts as sentence fragments and 140 bleeps  champion conversations.

Informal conversations helps some let our guard done and speak freely. On the other hand, the inability to hold a thought and expound upon it in long run-on sentences as I do may hinder  the growth of truly original thought, ideas and innovation.

Call me an old foggie. My vote is to keep the greetings and closings on communication.

Christmas remains one of my favorite times of the year. I love the snow, the rich music, time with family, warm cocoa and of course the reason for the season – the gift of Jesus Christ our Saviour to the world.

Amidst all the Christmas cheer lies one element that’s hard for me. Drafting the Christmas wish list. While I am truly thankful for the gifts from others, I find more joy in giving than receiving. I have more than enough toys and as a tech geek find it difficult to relay the specific well researched products I would enjoy under the tree. (For example my Amazon Wish List)

Scott Harrison‘s talk at the Catalyst Conference urged me to give up receiving Christmas gifts for others. My heart aches for those tragically affected by a lack of clean water in Africa.

This Christmas I’m giving up “gifts” for a local cause. My mother-in-law aka Grandma Joy was victim to grand theft auto recently. She is a single mom in need of a reliable vehicle. Grandma Joy continually gives to others, volunteers in the lifechurch Kids ministry and bakes a lot of yummies.

Let’s come together and raise support so a Grandma who gives so much can get around town. So, if you planned on getting me a gift this year please donate to the chip-in below instead. I will also be donating all the proceeds from my affiliate links and advertising from this site.

The ways to donate include:

  1. Donating via the donate button below.

  2. Purchasing from our advertisers found in the side bar to the right.
  3. Purchasing items from Amazon using our affiliate links through out the site. Like this one.
  4. Donate directly by sending us a check. Fill out the contact form for details.
  5. Giving us ideas for fundraisers (I’m thinking bake sale)

Merry Christmas & thank you for yor support!

Think interviews Carlos Whittaker ( at Calibrate Conference 2010. Carlos shares on work life balance, creativity and reaching people where they are at – walking around with their phone in their face.
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Getting things rolling

philltran  —  October 24, 2010 — 2 Comments

Time has been tight with client work and life. It seemed like I would never get my blog up. My personal site exemplified the classic story of the Cobbler’s kids having no shoes. In the words of my favorite sailor, “I can’t standz it no more.”

Since content is king, we are launching with just that. Custom theme and fun features coming soon. For now enjoy my ramblings & photos.

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